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"Quality Care Starts With You."

Learn About U-Can Inc. Careers & Working with Us

U-Can Inc. careers are rewarding in a satisfying way. Our workers benefit and grow professionally and personally from the experience of making a notable difference in the lives of the people they support.

When you come and work with us, we provide a range of paid training opportunities for certifications such as PSS, First-Aid, CPR, CRMA and DSP. You will also have a flexible schedule with paid holidays. To apply, download our application, and please send it to info@u-caninc.org or mail it to us.

Putting People First

At U-Can Inc., we put people first, and that applies to the individuals that work with us as well as the consumers we support. We care about our employees as much as they care about working with special needs individuals.

We are very aware the people we support are more than just customers. They are caring and wonderful individuals who deserve and are treated with the highest respect. Our approach is to have an open-door policy for discussions about any concerns or personal issues at any time. Your voice will be heard with us.

Our goal is to recruit high-quality employees and keep them on board as part of our team. This practice works well as we've been around for a long time, and our company is highly respected in the care system.

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Over the years, we've been at the forefront of delivering services to our consumers. This has helped our employees gain experience in the field and has benefited the individuals we serve by providing access to things they may not have had before. We consider ourselves a part of the community and plan to remain here, delivering our services, and having a positive impact on consumers and employees alike.